Flight API Integration

Every flight booking system online or offline needs a direct or indirect connection with airline, so that system can issue ticket with the help of there internal communication. There are two types of flight booking system.

Offline Flight Booking System

Offline flight booking system, normal a data base oriented system, in which flight details for booking are coming from the custom data base and the data base will create booking and save the details in the same data base. This kind of system required pre-submitted data. User or an agent will submit flight booking data and the outer system will communicate with the data base to generate results. The offline booking system can also be online system, but it required to communicate directly or indirectly with the supplier system who provides airline booking or directly with airline. This system also required user interface which helps to create booking with the data base. namantechnolab.com also provide advanced and critical data base which help to generate booking with unique user interface.

Fixed Departure Booking System

Fixed Departure means fixed or pre-purchase itinerary directly from airline, fixed departure system also required custom data base, so that pre-purchased itinerary can be push into the data base and rest process done by outer system. Many Airline are selling their inventory with supplier or travel agent. Even any one can buy or purchase Fixed Departure fares from airline. Now Fixed Departure also required system because airline only share you data not system, so if you purchased fixed departure fare, then you also needs a system on which you can submit purchased data and that system will generate ticket for customer and also maintain inventory. Some customer preferred fixed departure fare and some customer want to cancel the same, so here with namantechnolab.com you could find the good solution for this kind of business. Our system will give you the solution with strong data base where you can just upload your fixed departure fare and rest our system will do everything for you.

Flight API Booking System

This is the most required system by every online travel portal or application, Flight API is the most required for online flight booking business. It is just like a connection in modern businesses. Now a days many supplier also provide there booking api, and online travel portal can directly integrate the api in there system, ones the api successfully integrated then system can show real time inventory of supplier or airline. Flight booking API is a technology which allows any travel portal or website or any offline booking system to search and add the same into supplier system and make payment online, all operation can be done with the help of API. Every flight booking have common booking flow.

  • Login
  • Search
  • Price
  • Add-On-Service
  • Seat Service
  • Hold System
  • Booking System
  • Ticket Generation
  • Cancellation
  • Rescheduling

namantechnolab.com have more then 20 years of reach experience in flight api business. With our system you will most of the api. As more then 200 flight supplier or airline api or most of GDS has been already integrated and gives you facility to search many api simultaneously and our system also gives you facility to apply your own custom business logic so that you canincrease business revenue.

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