Hotel API Integration

Hotel API are required by every online or offline hotel booking system, it is one of the biggest system in online travel technology. Hotel booking system needs hotel information/fares/facility/address and location details to generate hotel booking voucher. General customer normally search hotel by visiting hotel and asked for room related query, then he manually give money to book room. Now a days to save there time and money every one are using internet for search and booking, customer needs good system which gives you hotel and room related information with fares.

Hotel booking API is an Application programming interface which directly or in directly communicate with supplier or hotel, the hotel api gives you real time data and our system can ready and convert the api data into rich hotel information. Out system gives you systematic analysis with hotel reviews, and also gives you price comparison between multiple hotelier api’s. api system sit between application and web-servers, our booking system will initiates or start and take required data for api and then creates request for api to do something. The API is the middleman between the application and the web server, and the API call is the request. All things will be managed by our central api master, which controls all api and run them parallels so that result will be faster.

Hotel API given you many functionality

  • Search Hotel by city
  • Search Hotel by Area
  • Search Hotel by Land Mark
  • Search Hotel by Name
  • Search Hotel by Google Map
  • Detail Room Information
  • Hotel Booking Price
  • Real Time Room inventory
  • Real Time Booking Status
  • Real Time Cancellation
  • Check-in Time
  • Check-out Time
  • Hotel Result with Rich Design
  • Booking Process
  • Fare Management
  • Black out Days
  • Amenities Details
  • Services Details
  • Search and find best hotel rates

Hotel API List

  • Amadeus
  • Travel Port
  • Sabre Hotel
  • Dasuya hotel
  • TBO
  • Akbar travels
  • Yatra Hotels
  • Vertical Bookings
  • Hotel Spider

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